Special Thanks to our Educational Fair Vendors

Connect with the Veterans Crisis Line to reach caring, qualified responders with the
Department of Veterans Affairs. Many of them are Veterans themselves.
The VFW mission is to “honor the dead by helping the living” through veterans’ service, community service, national security and a strong national defense.
Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans provides a confidential forum for veterans and family members to discuss challenges they are facing.  Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans helps link you with needed resources;
we want veterans and family members to know they are not alone.  
Delphi Behavioral Health Group was formed to take on the mission of treating addiction at its core.
We believe that through personalized treatment in intimate settings, we can provide those suffering from substance abuse
with the tools to start a journey of long-lasting recovery.
S.trategic E.nergetic T.ransition Coaching: Are you SET up for Success or Failure?
We go past TAP and give you real, concrete steps to find a fulfilling career and mitigate stress when transitioning from military to civilian life.

Other Resources for Veterans Mental Health & Suicide Awareness

Headstrong, founded in 2012, provides confidential, cost-free, and frictionless mental health care treatment for military veterans and their families that works.
Melwood Veterans Services LLC is where veterans, families, and caretakers can find programs, resources, and a community –
all geared towards helping our growing population of warfighters.
Operation Tohidu® A holistic retreat helping wounded warriors overcome obstacles to their recovery and supporting their successful reintegration.
REBOOT helps people overcome trauma through faith-based programs. Our courses, training and online community are open to anyone
connected to military or first responders. If the same old therapy or medication has left you feeling hopeless, you’ve come to the right place.
At REBOOT, we’re overcoming trauma together and can’t wait for you to join us. 
Operation Revamp, Inc is committed to raising public awareness of the hidden wounds of war and the difficulties facing our returning veterans. Our Purpose is also to establish a variety of programs to assist the military, veterans and families, to help them heal and to provide reintegration support.
Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for people in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan community by providing specially trained hearing dogs, service dogs, combat-related PTSD dogs, and therapy dogs.  Fidos also educates the public about individuals with disabilities and about the benefits of assistance dogs and therapy dogs and the work that these specially trained dogs do for individuals with disabilities, children with reading difficulties, and patients in health care facilities.